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I would like to introduce to you Amanda Ellis. She has been a client of mine for quite some time and has overcome some huge obstacles and changed her life for the better. This is her story:

Before working with Max Muscle and Nate Jones, weight always played a big role in my life. Being called fat growing up was something of the norm. The ride on the school bus was always rough as I was getting picked on for the way I looked. I played team sports growing up and loved the outlet that it gave me. I didn’t get picked on, in the middle of a basketball practice or game. To be quite honest, looking back, I wasn’t fat but those words that were said always stuck with me.

As I entered college, sports and activity went out the window and in came poor food choices and the unhealthy lifestyle. After that late night pizza I would always enjoy it at the time but feel guilty later, never doing anything about changing my habits.

I can’t tell you what my initial weight was at my heaviest but I will say that my jeans were a size 20! I decided that a change had to be made so I chose to participate in a ½ marathon with my parents. Training was hard and I do believe I gave up a few times but in the end completed with run/walking.

I lost some weight while training for the ½ marathon but nothing like I ultimately wanted. It was then that I signed up with a personal trainer. Nate and I worked a long time together and came up with a plan just for me which catered to my needs but also my likes. Not just with exercise but also a way of changing my eating habits without giving up things that I loved. Eating out became easier and I felt much less guilty as I was still making the right choices.

Without Nate and Max Muscle I don’t know where I would be today. I am successfully in a size 8-10 pant, I’m happy and have tons more energy than I ever thought possible, and I’m no longer scared and intimidated to try new challenges. Things like yoga, kickboxing, and rock climbing went from my list of “never” to my list of fun things to do regularly! Thanks to Max Muscle and Nate, I now know how to live my life in a healthy way!
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Just like Amanda Ellis, Lori Ross has been working with me for quite a while and is has been an intense journey! Here is her story:

In my mind I always wondered why I couldn't lose the weight. What was it that seemed to be keeping me from succeeding in this area of my life?

It wasn't until I finally took a leap of Faith, quit a full time job of 14 years, and made a commitment to myself to focus on my health and find those answers.

I was introduced to Nate, by Mandy Ellis. She was training with him, So I thought I'd call him! One of the Best moves I ever made!! With Nate Jones from Max Muscle as my personal trainer, I was able to overcome obstacles, move past fears, push past my comfort zones and build upon my strengths internally as well as building physical strength! The weight was coming off...I was not only changing physically but mentally as well!!

Once weighing in at an all time high of 289 pounds, I've now lost over 120 pounds....I was once a size 24, now a size 6....I'm no longer hiding from the camera, no longer afraid to be noticed, and who would have ever thought I would now be teaching Turbo Kickboxing and BodyPump at 24hr Fitness!! That's right....MY Employer is now a GYM!!

So it starts with YOU....but we all need support, encouragement and sometimes a good kick in the pants!! Look no further than Nate Jones and Max Muscle to help motivate you towards the BEST YOU EVER!!


  • Before/after and progress photos – see the changes in your body as you progress.
  • Grocery shopping tips
  • Recipes and cooking tips
  • Workout advice – ensuring you have the right cardio and resistance training regimen in place for your goals.
  • Constant support – the ability to contact your consultant whenever needed.
  • Weekly check up – weigh-in, body fat evaluation, reconstruct diet as needed.
  • Special discounts on supplements.
  • In-depth analysis of what your body needs, taking into account your workout plan and other important details, to tailor your program to your specific goals.
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